Fr 152 50 1874 Legal Tender Pmg Very Fine 25

1880 $10 Legal Tender Jackass Rosecrans / Huston Note Fr107 Pmg 66 Gem Unc

FR#107 ROSECRANS / HUSTON. Serial Number A6670829 ppA. NOTE: these notes come from a long run of notes… Listing in smaller batches… Spacing auctions a few minutes apart so you can win two or more lots if you want a longer run… Look at item number at end of title to “see” next lot in […]

Fr 36 1 1917 Legal Tender Pcgs Superb Gem New 67ppq

Fr 123 10 1923 Legal Tender Pcgs About New 50

Fr 115 10 1901 Legal Tender Pcgs Gem New 66ppq